For the last two weeks I have been waiting on pins and eedles to hear if I am going to land a 4,000 sf studio in Dallas, rent free I might add! No word yet but that hasn't kept me from creating a t-shirt for the place!

After looking at first various online possibilities for this project, in the end I went ahead and hand painted a shirt. Irrespective of whether or not I would like what I painted on the shirt, I put it on the table, put white paint on my brush and simply went to work. With two white elements - one on the upper chest, one on a sleeve - completed, I went for powerful, passionate red for the numbers.

I couldn't envision the street name on the front of the shirt and had ruled it out for the back (too much additional work) so I figured I was altogether finished with this project. Then out of the blue, two days later, the idea of putting the name of the street on the white accents already on the shirt dropped into my head!

Though I could have fit the street name on the one larger white space, I decided to break the name of the street up to add an unexpectee twist to the finished project.

Throughout the whole creative process here, I launched out, stayed open to new thoughts and inspirations, and ended up creating exactly what I wanted! O the joy!

Knowing that I may not get this studio at all, you might wonder why I would put so much time and effort into a project like this. The answer is that making art does not need a goal, right? Even if this t-shirt is never worn, it is a triumph for me as a creative project!