Two weeks ago I found a big 4,000 sf studio space in Dallas, which has been vacant for a year. Applying my "think bigger" mantra - a step up from "think big" - I right away contacted the real estate agent for the property via email and laid out my plan: Let me have this space for free for a pop-up art studio, while at the same time continuing to pursue finding a permanent tenant. (The two big FOR LEASE signs onsite would stay up while running the pop-up. ) Yes, the plan sounds crazy but believe it or not I have done this before - Aug. 2017 to March 2018, just off of Henderson Ave. in Dallas!

The property agent for the space I am after called me this week and, as it turns out, had actually been to my Henderson Ave. pop-up 2 years ago! (It was next door to his favorite coffee shop!) The rep went on to say that the property owner for the space I want is "an alternative landlord" and might very well accept a pro bono arrangement. He then asked me if I would be comfortable with a three to six month lease! Of course I answered “YES!! I am supposed to hear back from the agent about all this by the end of this month (August 2019).

I am so believing this is all going to work out! Maybe I'm counting my chickens before they hatch here but I would much rather recant later for being too optimistic than be robbed of hopeful enthusiasm and joy! Believe with me that this glorious studio space is in the bag!