When I started painting in 2012, my canvases were all smaller than 30”×40”. It wasn't until 2016 that I bought a 5’ roll of canvas and started “going big.” Here in 2019 I am now buying 8’ rolls of canvas! At present I am working on three 8'x6’ paintings at my home studio.

When our son, Martin, came by for a visit today, he knew right away I would want to take some pics of him in front of my newest artwork - which of course I did!

What I really enjoyed about the photo session that followed was how Martin was somehow able to enter each painting, pick up on aspects I hadn't even noticed, and then respond so spontaneously. Truly the whole experience was amazing!

Because all three canvases are so big, just standing in front of each canvas you feel like you are walking into another world, another reality - which is just why I like painting so big - but not until this session with Martin did I ever experience the joy and light heartedness of my own art!

Looking at each huge painting, Martin spontaneously reacted to the graphic direction of each color! Even as I snapped each pic I was smiling from ear to ear, watching Martin's playful poses!

After snapping about 30 quick pics I decided to use 10 to create a slide show. Looking at “the movie" I created, with the most charming, whimsical music provided by my Samsung 19, was a genuine revelation for me - all because of Martin! His imaginative, creative poses, showed me just how much joy was hidden in each of these paintings - and in him! You can't watch the video without coming away smiling!

No one has ever looked at my artwork before and brought out so much life, enthusiasm, and joy. Thank you so much, Martin, for showing me how to play with my own artwork!!!

Watch "Martin with Big Art. June 2019" on YouTube