Painting Big

I would never have found my way to painting big without my artist friend, Sunny Delipsey. I mean who thinks to start painting 6’ canvases when they've only been painting for a couple of years? Not me, that's for sure!

Sunny's idea was that I buy a roll of canvas and just have at it! Though my largest canvases at the time were only 3'x4’, I listened to Sunny and acted on her suggestion.

I was so uptight about painting my first large scale work that I drew out a plan for what I was going to paint - something I never do. 15 minutes into trying to follow the plan, however, I was so miserable I tossed aside my sketch and went after the canvas the way I always do - with nothing but energy and color as my guides. The result completely overwhelmed me, so much so that I have continued to paint big since that first one in 2014.

The experience of tacking up a big swath of unstretched canvas and then putting up color after color is actually so exhilarating, so liberating, that painting big is all I want to do!

My answer to who is going to buy such heroic size work is “Who cares!” The whole point of being an artist is to create work matches the size of the vision you have within yourself. My vision is big!